Sexy Disruption - The Digital Change of the Model-Booking Industry

re:publica 2015


A short talk about disruption throughout different industries and why model-agencys tend to be next in line after taxis, cars and flats. Tim Mittelstaedt introduces manneqn: the model-booking platform that gives back power to the fashion-models


A business-model that hasn't changed for decades: modeling and casting agencies. Finding new faces (preferable in particular sizes) and distributing them to photographers, advertisers or designers. A decent business back in analog times. Intermediates like agencies charge models and clients commission and fees - not adding any value in most cases. The pure mediation between models and clients is pretty expansive. The team behind the StartUp manneqn believes that clients and models can be matched more efficiently. With a bigger variety for the clients to choose from - assisted by an intelligent algorithm, finding the perfect model for the particular context. The models, on the other hand, benefit from more requests, no commissions or fees to pay and the freedom to build up a comprehensible reputation on one central platform on their smartphone. Making models independent again is the central approach behind manneqn. Disrupting the model-booking business as it is known today by giving back the power to the models. 

Fashiontech Lab
Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015 - 16:00 bis 16:30


Co-Founder and CEO