re:learn: Lightning Talks II

re:publica 2015
Research & Education


The second part of re:learn Lightning Talks will enlight generell questions about education demonstrated by several projects. Making@Palestine (Oliver Stickel) trys to cross social borders and to force digital integration of children in Palestine. Simon Köhl presents the idea of a Wikipedia for everybody and all educational topics. The Lightning Talks will be in german or english.



Oliver Stickel: Making@Palestine

Through our long-term research project “come_IN”, we have established a world-wide network of computer clubs for children. Computer-based playful learning and collaborative projects are in the center of all come_IN clubs. Further important goals are integration and bridging the “digital divide”. Most of the clubs are located in Germany, however, two are in Palestinian refugee camps in the West Bank. Oliver Stickel and Dominik Hornung, two researchers from the University of Siegen, visited the Palestinian clubs in 2014. They brought a 3D printer and worked with the local children and volunteers on 3D modelling and 3D printing - always minding the come_IN philosophy of playfulness and beginner-friendlieness. In this talk, Oliver will present some of the experiences from Palestine as well as the impressive projects envisioned by the children who never before worked with 3D modelling, let alone 3D printing.

Simon Köhl: eine Wikipedia für die Bildung

In der Wikipedia, erschaffen Menschen gemeinsam Wissen und machen den freien Zugang zu Wissen selbstverständlich. In der Bildung ist diese Revolution noch nicht angekommen. Das wollen wir ändern: Mit bauen wir eine internationale Lernplattform, die allen kostenlos zugänglich ist und bei der alle mitmachen können. Unsere Vision ist freie Bildung, die durch eine offenen und unabhängige Gemeinschaft gestaltet wird.

Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015 - 18:00 bis 18:30


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