Post+Capitalist City – Bringing creativity one step further

re:publica 2015
City Of The Future


In 2012, CollageLab launches the one year cycle International Call for Ideas "Post+Capitalist City": the first call for ideas that proposes to deepen the common thinking on the way we live our (urban) lives by encouraging the participants to propose not only architectural design, but rather society design. The participants were asked to think of a society based on newly formulated hypothesis and rules taking into consideration the on-going global economical context. 130 proposals from 36 countries and 2 1/2 years later, it's time to show, talk, reflect and bring the experience a step further.


"Architecture is not simply something physical but a much more complex culture, whose projects are forms of thought that interpret the world"

- Andrea Branzi

Post+Capitalist City, more than a provocative statement, was in fact a powerful creativity trigger. "Post+" is a statement in itself that induces a step-by-step creative strategy:

1/ acknowledging and understanding the contextual condition,

2 / getting rid of it by dissociating the constraints linked to that context, accepted as intrinsic condition for our society,

3/ reinventing new constraints to pattern another kind of society through design,

4/ transposing back the creative ideas designed for a hypothetical Post+society into the existing context.

The results show that in order to expand the possibilities of creativity, one should question what is accepted as being impossible and transform any observed impossibility into a new ground for potential innovation. Post+ assumes and recognizes the existence of the precedent.

Today more than ever, the voices of entire nations claim a societal and political change that would, if applied, have formal consequences on the way we live in the urban environment, from the daily routine to the physical forms of urban landscapes. We - at CollageLab - have an idea of how this future is looking alike! 

We received 130 different proposals from 36 countries. All unique. All designed. All envisioning different aspects of what could be a slightly different society. Some critical dystopian proposals, some naive utopian ones, some extremely concrete ones based on a legal ground, some inspired by the current debate on climate change, some technological ones...

For re:publica, I would like to present some of the best tendencies and group of ideas that we received within the Call for Idea and launch the second Opus of "Post+Capitalist City" that will tend to open the debate beyond the city specialists to writers, philosophers, sociologists, citizen-thinkers.




Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2015 - 12:30 bis 13:00


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