FashionTech VI: Curated Shopping & Fast-Food Information

re:publica 2015


Learn about Curated Shopping and your healthy information diet in two lightning talks.


Linh Nguyen: Curated Shopping – Disruption of Tradition via Technology

By combining tradition and innovation Kisura is able to provide its customers with first-class shopping experience which is characterized by high convenience and personal service. Innovative technology helps to steadily improve customer service. In fact, artificial intelligence that is able to match customer data with product characteristics in order to provide customers with well-fitting outfits is core to success.

Fabian Hemmert: The Fast-Food Age of Information Consumption

I believe that we can learn from our eating culture, in order to make our information consumption behaviour more healthy.

With my talk, I want to take the re:publica audience on a journey, exploring their own relationships to their mobile phones and possible future developments of this relationship. I explore the parallels of information consumption and food consumption, asking the question: What can we learn from eating culture, in order to make our information consumption habits more healthy?

Dienstag, 5. Mai 2015 - 16:30 bis 17:00