European discourse – Lightning Talks

re:publica 2015
Politics & Society


It's not just a theory that the political system of the EU is lacking of transparency, that european citizens have troubles following european policy topics and that Brussels is a place far far away. Each of the projects presented in this lighting talk use their very own approach to tackle these problems. But there's one thing they all have in common – the demand: Let's talk about Europe!


Lea Schiewer & Christian Macht: Youth hacking Europa

We change Europe. NGOs in the EU are doing their best to raise a generation of politically aware and responsible citizens. Millions of voluntary hours, young people active in thousands of events each year. With what impact? We are offering an inside perspective of one of Europe's biggest NGOs in the field, going through the methods we use to involve teens in European political thinking and intercultural understanding and making the case for a hacker mindset when setting out to find Europe.

Walter van Holst: Adopt an MEP

It is hard for European citizens to stay informed about what happens in  the Brussels bubble and how their Members of the European Parliament  fulfill their role of representing the political will of their voters.  Where the traditional media are failing, the internet must step in. We  are launching, a project that aims to create a platform for  citizens to stay in touch with their MEPs on digital rights issues.

Linnea Riensberg & Eva Breitbach: Publixphere

Publixphere is the space for a fair public exchange about political ideas and opinions. Our users set the agenda. The editorial team supports the free exchange of ideas by providing background information and by reaching out to stakeholders and experts, inviting them to participate. We also organize and accompany events that deal with political questions. It is our goal to foster the free exchange of opinions on european policy issues in a protected space – online and offline. We want to provide our users, specifically young adults, with a platform in which they can develop and express political thoughts and bring these into political processes.

Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2015 - 11:15 bis 11:45