Creating Open Spaces for Innovation around the world – Insights from Egypt, Palestine, Columbia and Indonesia

re:publica 2015
Business & Innovation


Europe has led the way in the evolution of diverse coworking and innovation spaces for the past decade. These alternative work and life concepts have transcended continents and have taken different shapes and forms with different aims and impacts across the world, in South East Asia, South America as well as Europe's southern neighbors Africa and the MENA region. What role do hackerspaces and coworking spaces play in countries struggling with socioeconomic and political challenges?


In this session four different spaces will present themselves and their role in the local ecosystem:

Egypt: Fantastic Unintentions of Coworking Spaces

Whereas Europe enjoys certain freedoms that are now taking for granted, Egypt currently has regressed where people are now technically unable to congregate under draconian laws reminiscent of the old regime under the auspices of security.  The coworking spaces and innovation spaces that have emerged address all of the above issues in a way that does not intimidate neither the suspicious government nor the conservatives, creating  space for digital savvy millennials to focus on technology, art, and engineering among other disciplines.

Palestine: Hacking behind a wall of separation

Vecbox is the first Palestinian Hackerspace in Ramallah, where Palestinian students/ young professionals and artists of all ages gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network and build. The main focus of Vecbox is creating growth opportunities among the makers community in Palestine. Indonesia: Open Source and Hacker Culture in Indonesia

...more to come


This session is part of the GIG programme.

Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2015 - 13:45 bis 14:45


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