Searching and finding belong together. In its quest for future mobility solutions, Daimler is constantly looking for innovative mobility concepts, dedicated to a broader goal: Envisioning a safe and comfortable future for mobility and improving quality of living; thinking about new concepts, and questioning existing ones – that is the mission that has led Daimler, and its mobility division moovel, to become a re:publica partner for the fourth time this year. So how will humans and machines actually communicate in the “Shared Spaces” of the future? And what can civil society contribute? Will the use of upcoming technologies become more intuitive with improved gesture and voice controls? These are some of the questions debated and discussed within the mobility track. Trailblazers and travellers will join us at the re:think mobility sub-conference, engineers, futurologists and robotics researchers – they all will take a peek at the future, together with the #rp15 participants.