Where is the (data)love?

re:publica 2015
Science & Technology

Short thesis: 

Enough with the hate speech, let's talk about love!


When at time all that hate speech, harassment & surveillance on the internet seems too much, let's try to remember that other, oft forgotten emotion: love. This talk is more of a search mission than a compilation of answers. Where is the love, digitally speaking? What can we learn from OKCupid’s matching algorithms? Can emotions and consciousness really be broken down into maths and stats? In this short and eclectic talk, Anwen will take a bleak look at the soft mushy stuff and look out for datalove in all the wrong places. Including: the three (or thirty) questions to ask your true love, everything you ever need to know about online sentiment analysis, what “big data” has to do with small psychology, what gamers are really passionate about, and much more... 

Ignite Talk

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 - 18:30 to 19:00