DIY Death and Funeral

re:publica 2015

Short thesis: 

Am I allowed to bury my deceased cat myself? Yes. My baby? Depends. My granny? No. But there is a lot you can do between death and the funeral - only most funeral directors will not tell you about it. In the last century we gave all our knowledge and power concerning death and funerals to professionals, we outsource it. In a DIY and hacker era, we think it is now time to take it back in charge and do things as we want them to be.


The Re.Designing Death Movement, a dynamic team of researchers, designers and undertakers - will host an up to date, sparkling and empowering workshop session, sharing our extensive knowledge on the topic of death and burial - no gloomy silk flowers and old fashioned coffins involved. Promise.

During this workshop, we will enable you to upgrade your knowledge, set your imagination free and see the life potential of death and funerals:

1. INSPIRE: Forget standard coffins and wreathes – we’ll share with you a panoramic vision of potential new solutions around death, full of weird and wonderful inspiration. We’ll do a reality check and discover what’s really possible to push the boundaries.

2. CREATE  A participative exploration of the funeral journey. Expect challenge, wonder, poignancy, puzzlement and bursts of laughter. Roll up your sleeves and get going...

3. TAKE AWAY Answer the two most important questions concerning your own funeral. Empowerment at its best. 

We welcome an open discussion for product, design or business ideas and endeavor, as a community to support people to change this area of life and business. We want you to join our mission – to death.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015 - 18:30 to 19:30