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re:publica 2015
Politics & Society

Short thesis: 

Europe undoubtedly shapes international development. Our political institutions greatly influence poorer countries with our policies on migration, trade, the environment or the weapons trade. These policies can have important impacts on the lives of millions of people who live in less developed countries. So the question is: are European policies good for the world? Which policies are? Which aren’t? How might we measure & share data about impacts of European policies?


There are countless situations where we could use a tool to measure EU policies. In the Lisbon Treaty, the EU member states agreed that the EU policy shall not harm the global fight against poverty and the sustainable and equitable development around the world. But the reality is different. National or EU interests often override interests of poor communities elsewhere. Agricultural subsidies harm small scale farmers in Cameroon, weapon exports by EU countries support a repressive regime in Saudi Arabia, CO2 emissions in Germany threaten the survival of small island states in the Pacific. This is why policy makers and civil society organisations alike have called for an index measuring the "development friendliness" of the EU and its member states.

At at re:publica 2015 we want to present to you the Development Barometer - a web app, that that allows individuals to see for themselves how “development-friendly” European policies are.

Join us as we demo first visualisations of the tool and discuss how we can use data to analyze the impacts of European policies on international development. The Development Barometer tool can be used by anyone, so we encourage people of all kinds to attend: regular citizens, members of civil society organizations, coders, journalists, and policy makers.

Join us in using data to inform the dialog around European policy.

Ignite Talk



Thursday, May 7, 2015 - 16:45 to 17:15


Vorstand Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland, Projektleiterin Entwicklungsbarometer
Datenjournalist, Trainer, Open-Data-Spezialist