Democratic public services: England's NHS Citizen

re:publica 2015
Politics & Society

Short thesis: 

For the last eighteen months, Britain's National Health Service has been designing a new way to involve citizens in its decisions. Designed in public, and working online and offline, NHS Citizen will connect networks of citizens, patients and practitioners to bring ideas from the public conversation on the NHS right into the heart of its governing structures. Come and hear from the design team how they are going about their work, how NHS Citizen has moved from first idea to practical action, and what lessons it has for democratic participation in other places and services.


The National Heath Service is Britain's largest public service, and is experimenting with new structures for citizen participation in its decision-making. The NHS Citizen programme aims to create an open infrastructure for participation in England's National Health Service. The project covers 50 million potential participants, and decisions on how to spend more than €200 billion every year. 

The system is being designed as we want it to work: in public, and using open tools. With the backing of the Board of NHS England, we are bringing citizens and the health service's most senior managers together to address issues that the public identify. We will provide tools

In this session, two of the design team will talk about our work so far, share our thinking on how technology can support democratic public services, and show how we have brought an open design approach into the heart of Britain's largest public service.

Ignite Talk


Tuesday, May 5, 2015 - 19:00 to 19:30


Patient and Public Partnership Manager