Common Hardware Startup Pitfalls – How to Validate, Design and Manufacture Your First Product Right

re:publica 2015

Short thesis: 

Thanks to 3D printing, developer kits, crowdfunding and the IoT wave, hardware became en vogue. Nevertheless, hardware is still hard and most projects fail! You should attend the talk, if you want to learn about the most common hardware startup challenges during an average first year and how you can solve them.


Niclas will provide some insights why some famous hardware startups have failed and how you can avoid making the same mistakes. He will start off, by talking about ways to validate your product, before you even build your first prototype. Next, he will talk about about financing and crowdfunding and why it is best to raise a small round before running a crowdfunding campaign. Likewise, he will give some advice on designing and manufacturing a product together with partners. Last but not least, there will be room for some questions.

Fashiontech Lab
Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - 12:15 to 12:45