For our joint opening event together with MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin we’ve invited a team that usually howls at official invitations and, instead, has become internationally renowned for their unsolicited appearances: The Yes Men!


Saskia Sassen defined the term “Global Cities” and we are very pleased to welcome her to re:publica 2014! 


What is the truth behind Berlin’s digital community? What’s going on, what’s hot, where is the future headed? Find out at our free Webinar on Berlin's Booming Digital Economy!


In 2010 he held the opening re:publica, last year he had to unexpectedly cancel his Berlin visit, but this year he is back with us: Evgeny Morozov, our favourite internet critic.


A wild and less predictable web of the future also means stepping back from the “logical” and “foreseeable” and moving closer to unpredictability and irrationality.


Only nine more weeks until the doors of the STATION-Berlin open to re:publica. There’s still plenty to do until then which is why we need your help!


If we knew that the world was going to end tomorrow, would we still be starting new blogs today? The glaciers are merrily melting away, rising sea levels are splashing at our feet and global environmental pollution is taking on an ever greater magnitude.


Political scientist Ron Deibert will join re:publica 2014 to talk about his most recent book “Black Code”.


The Investors Dinner is a unique opportunity for all you founders out there! Meet with leading investors during a 3 course dinner and present yourselves and your Start-Ups.  


re:publica and MEDIA CONVENTION have teamed up. Show us with whom you make a great team and win one of five pairs of combined tickets for re:publica and MEDIA CONVENTION!


Attention all finance bloggers: our partner comdirect will once again be honouring publishers of distinguished financial blogs with prize money of up to 8000€. Take this opportunity and apply!


All self-proclaimed "waiting-line-phobics" can, this year, register a day prior to the start of re:publica, grab a coffee or beer and hang-out with friends... all while we work. Great!


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