Hannah Fry is a mathematician. She holds a PhD in fluid-dynamics, has worked in motor sports as an aerodynamicist and now teaches at University College London. Her research focus is on the London riots of 2011.


The hallmark of design research is an elegant theory and participative praxis that factors in the person and thereby serves the networked society. But how do we do this and how do we want to communicate and interact with one another in the future?


In December, we announced that this year’s droidcon, the world’s largest gathering of Android developers, was taking place pretty much simultaneously to re:publica. Now tickets and programme are available!


The first 100 sessions received and accepted through our Call for Papers have been put online. You can start right now and begin planning this year’s route through talks, workshops, discussions and actions.


IT security expert Morgan Marquis-Boire tracks down state-operated trojans, analyses surveillance software and warns of a new phase in global, digital proliferation.


Surviving without a car, without supermarkets, without power, heating or running water? Impossible? Greta Taubert wanted to find out for herself and dared an experiment: For one year she tried to live as self-sufficiently as possible. 


In the tug-of-war between techno-enthusiasm and digital disenfranchisement, the forces are changing strength. Sara Spiekermann argues for a society in which the use of technology and the desire for privacy can be united.


Do you know where you have been last may? Well, we do. Take a good look, are you in or not? File under: anticipation through flashback...


In line with the Science Lab @ re:publica, hosted in co-operation with the Wissenschaftsjahr 2014, a Youth Science Hack Day will take place on the weekend prior to #rp14.


The Amish Futurist is on a quest of meaning in a world full of digital temptations.  Her talk “Merchants of Destiny – Confronting Techno-Optimism” doesn’t preach technology abstinence but rather a refocusing on analogue values.


The 2014 Year of Science - Digital Society has teamed up with re:publica. We are pleased to engage with the framework by presenting Science Lab: An Open Science - Sub-conference and the Youth Science Hack Day. The Call for Papers for the sub-conference starts today.


​You are a coder and want to test your skills on a mobile app? Then we invite you to come and implement our event programme data into a #rp14 app.


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