You’re fabulous!


Close to 500 helpers are at STATION-Berlin to serve you; credit: re:publica/Gregor Fischer (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Almost 500 volunteers are helping out at re:publica 2015. We’d like to say thank you – without you, this conference wouldn’t have been possible like this.

An event in the order of the re:publica will only work out only if enough people are prepared to lend a hand. And suddenly it’s “indistinguishable from magic”. You leave an empty room and return a few hours later to find it full of tables, chairs, booths and walls. One of the stages urgently needs some water, and even before the call is made, a new palette arrives. Countless visitors get a friendly reception and help in finding their way around at the venue, all thanks to you. Your unfailing support on the ground helps our team keep a clear mind. And so the whole team would just like to say thank you - you’re fabulous!

But praise isn’t just coming from our end. Many of the visitors have approached us at the venue or over Twitter, and thanked us for our lovely helpers and volunteers, complimenting us on how smoothly everything is run here. Naturally we’d like to pass this praise on to you, seeing as you really deserve it!