#unit: World’s First Queer Tech Festival


Unicorns in Tech; Credit: Unicorns in Tech

#unit | World’s First Queer Tech Festival (May 8th / FritzClub at Postbahnhof Berlin)

A new tech event with a message, promoting the power of unicorns in the technology community. 40+ top tech speakers delivering insights from a range of backgrounds. Music performances, interactive installations and thought-provoking entertainment. A dynamic networking experience with the opportunity to make an abundance of new connections; one of the biggest networking sessions you have ever experienced in your life. 

All in a space where you are free to be yourself while getting inspired and gaining new perspectives. An inclusive atmosphere that fosters endless opportunities. #unit Festival actively promotes the visibility of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans individuals in the tech world. 

Webseite + Tickets: www.unit-festival.com 

Programm for Download

UNICORNS IN TECH Get-Together during #rp15
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