Spreeblick presents TINCON – teenageinternetwork


Grumpy cat says Hello; credit: re:publica/Verena Dauerer (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Just in time for the re:publica 2015, Tanja and Johnny Haeusler of Spreeblick Publishing are launching their new project: TINCON, a “festival for digital youth culture“, will take place from May 20th until May 27th, 2016. The authors are building on the success of their parents' guidebook, “Netzgemüse“, offering youngsters support, networking opportunities and a stage for their ideas.

In Spring 2016, for the first time an estimated 1,000 youths between the age of 13 and 21 will flock to Berlin for three days, to celebrate their digital culture. The next generation of the digital society will convene at TINCON and discuss topics from culture, entertainment and politics, to technology and communication across the board. Game designers and code enthusiasts, politically engaged youngsters and video fans, will all get together to spark a wider debate.

The larger idea behind TINCON is to support youngsters from the age of 13 onwards in finding their way into digitalized working life, art and culture - even beyond the scope of the event. Additional tutors will further support the youngsters with regular workshops that are independent of the main TINCON event. First workshops will take place in Berlin from autumn 2015 onwards, and there are plans to host these in other cities as well at a later point.

The TINCON project was initiated in May 2015 with the founding of the non-profit organisation TINCON e.V., which is also present on site during the re:publica. Meet TINCON's partners at the TINCON booth (PD 02) at the STATION-Berlin from May 5th to 7th, 2015.

Find more information at tincon.org or get in touch viat email: presse@tincon.org