RTFManifesto! F-Secure is Protesting Against #maassurveillance


Credit: F-Secure

Do you feel safe? Unobserved? Anonymous? You are not. Data preservation and mass surveillance are threaten our fundamental rights on the Internet. Therefore, our partner F-Secure is taking action to show why privacy and security are such important issues – the container on the site of the re:publica will let you peek into the ugly truth.

At re:publica 14, we asked you to develop a manifesto for privacy and security in the Internet. You, the digital freedom fighters of the internet have spoken and we are proud to introduce the crowdsourced Digital Freedom Manifesto at our "Peeping container". Many thanks to all who have contributed to the Manifesto – e.g. Cory Doctorow, Ewen MacAskill, Peter Warren, and Mike Harris.

Join us! Sign the manifesto at privacy.f-secure.com and spread the message to everyone on the Internet! #RTFManifesto!

With the Digital Freedom Manifest against data preservation

Visit our "Peeping container" and secretly peek through the peephole to momentarily feel like an NSA agent. Use the theme and the Digital Freedom Manifesto as building blocks for your personal protest and get active against the mass violation of our digital rights! We support Netzpolitik.org in the fight against #maassurveillance (after the German minister of justice, Heiko Maas, and his idea about data preservation) and we want to properly develop counter-pressure.

Maas, Merkel, Facebook, Google & Co: #RTFManifesto!

"Are we really willing to sacrifice our privacy and security for the future of the Internet?" To this question is in the #Manifesto. And we the users to answer with our daily click behavior. Our Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen of F-Secure will get to the bottom of this question in his keynote on Wednesday.

If you find yourself asking “What can I do for my  safety and anonymity on the Internet, then get your voucher with a 50 percent discount for our Freedome app for all devices and operating systems. Only during the re:publica at privacy.f-secure.com