#rp14 speaker: Ron Deibert - Black Code


Ron Deibert

Ron Deibert is a political scientist and one of the leading Canadian experts for digital technologies, security, and human rights who is able to ask the right people the right questions at the right time. His most recent book, “Black Code”, is an evocative evaluation of the internet world and its citizens. Cory Doctorow describes the book as:

“Gripping and absolutely terrifying ... Black Code is a manifesto for a 21st­ century form of network stewardship, a sense of shared responsibility toward our vital electronic water supply. It is a timely rallying cry, and sorely needed.”

Drawing on the first­-hand experiences of one of the most important protagonists in this battle — the Citizen Lab and its global network of front line researchers, who have spent more than a decade cracking cyber espionage rings and uncovering attacks on citizens and NGOs worldwide — Deibert takes us on a fascinating journey into the battle for cyberspace.

Be prepared for a thought-­provoking, compelling, or even frightening talk and a wakeup call for everyone who has come to take the Internet for granted. Cyberspace is ours, it is what we make of it, Deibert argues, and we need to act now before it slips through our grasp.

Foto by Nicolett Jakab