New Sessions and Changes on Day 3


Credit: re:publica/Gregor Fischer (CC BY-SA 2.0)

It is lovely that there have been some additions. Please also mind the changes on our (sadly last) Day 3 on May 7:

New Sessions:

Henning Tillmann: "VDS verhindern – letzte Chance SPD-Parteikonvent?"
13:45 on Stage 2
(Thomas Fischer: "Strafrecht und Öffentlichkeit" is cancelled)

André Michell and Mirta Gilson: "Audiotool – ein Online Tool um Elektronische Musik zu produzieren"
16:45 at MIZ


Masha Alimardani: "Filtering Iranian Women"
12:30, not at 13:00, on Stage 9

Noujoum: "Saudi Arabia: A Completeley Different Social Media Experience"
13:00, not at 12:30, on Stage 9

Lightning Talks: "Business and Innovation"
15 :00 - 16:00 on Stage 8

European Lightning Talks
11:15 on Stage 11

"Surveillance Art – die fehlende Ästhetik digitaler Überwachung"
11:45 on Stage 11