The Most Liked #rp15 Pics On Instagram: The Buzzrank Stats for Day 1!


One of the Most Lliked Instagram Pics with the hashtag #rp15; credit: Buzzrank

Of course, you're not just talking in the courtyard, but on the net as well – on Tuesday alone, there were more than 37,000 tweets posted on the event. Find out more in our telling Buzzrank report. For instance, which was the most popular photo with an #rp15 hashtag on Instagram yesterday? (See the picture above ;)

In addition to the huge number of tweets from the venue itself, the hashtag #rp15 had a "contact potential" of a big fat 123 million users – that's the total reach of all tweets tagged with #rp15 that appeared in various users' timelines. And if you were wondering what the Trending Topics were on Twitter... make a guess?

#Reed Hastings + Netflix

Find these and lots of other numbers and stats, presented in friendly graphic form, in the Buzzrank report for Day 1!