Introducing the re:publica Team, part 1


Team #rp15 practicing blacklight mini golf at Görlitzer Park, Berlin

re:presenting the #rp15 team! So now we’ve jumped onto the Selfie wagon too, and here’s why: We’d like to introduce the team organizing this year’s re:publica. Meet the people from the "Events", "Communication" and "Program" units in our first part of the team series.


How are the stages set up, how is the entire event tech, stage management, the controls systems and seating organized? Where do we find interesting partners and sponsors? Without the Events team, there would be no event, and we would be sitting in an empty hall! Of course, they also take care of the overall atmosphere, from catering and drinks to tickets, on-­site WiFi, helper coordination, travel office, and much, much, much more! That’s project management for you – these ladies and gents make sure that everything goes smoothly in May and in the final weeks before #rp15.


Our Communication team is in touch with the Web in written and spoken form, and takes care of the outside communication of the conference. That includes blog posts and news items, press releases and partner communications, tweets and translations, accreditations and all other matters relating to the press, and to the lively community, plus #rp15 on the subway, our re:ader and many other publications. This quintet is all about content – and not to forget, grumpy cat.


What would re:publica be, without its exciting, surprising, inspiring, wild and awesome program? Talking about contents is one thing, but there is so much more that needs to be handled on a daily basis: Joy about confirmed sessions, rage about cancelled ones, perusing the Call for Papers, defending favourite sessions, wrestling with the mailbox, coordinating the stages, reminding speakers to create profiles, writing post‐it notes, listening to music, eating chocolate and taking unicorn selfies – that’s our Program team for you!