Going underground - re:publica TV and Reader

re:publica has been continually growing over the past years and has always looked for way to reach new people. This includes those people, for whom the internet remains something new, something for others. This year, however, we are the ones entering new territory. Our sense of adventure has led us deep down and to the U-Bahn!

We’re exploring new paths of communication in a unique, cross-media cooperation with the commuterTV Berliner Fenster. Starting today, our INTO THE WILD trailer, announcing re:publica, will be shown on all Berlin U-Bahn screens – and that’s just the start:

During the conference days, 6 – 8 May 2014, all 3 800 screens in Berlin’s U-Bahn will (nearly) exclusively feature content about the digital society. Berlin’s 1.5 million daily commuters will be able to enjoy event coverage during the duration of the conference. In order to make this happen, Berliner Fenster dropped all of its usual daily programming to make room for ours. The content for re:publica TV, including news and updates, will be produced by students from the Deutsche Journalistenschule (DJS) in Munich live on location as well as from a newsroom in the STATION-Berlin.

Alongside all of this, the DJS students will once again produce the ‘re:publica Reader’ (#rp14rdr). As in last year, in-depth coverage on all important conference topics, talks and speakers will be compiled into eBooks. After each conference day, rpReader will be published over-night by the self-publishing platform epubli. It will then be available for download in all eBook shops powered by Apple, Google, Amazon & co. for 2,99 Euro  - but also for free until 14:00 at re-publica website.