Finding Europe With Lights – The Journey Has Started


Finding Europe With Lights – this lamps will connect Europe during the #rp15 conference; photo credit: ubirch

Two weeks ago, we asked you to apply for our Finding Europe With Lights project. Thank you so much for the numerous applications we received from all over Europe! Let’s hear what the applicants have to say.

Nearly a month ago, we asked you to apply as sensor hosts for the Finding Europe With Lights project, organized by our partner ubirch GmbH. The idea was to send custom-made light sensors to all of the countries in Europe and then connect each sensor with a 3D-printed lamp at the STATION-Berlin during the re:publica conference (read more on the technical details in our previous post here). Visitors can then establish a connection with other European citizens via the light display.

Thank you so much for the numerous applications we received from all over Europe! We were quite overwhelmed by the amount of creativity you’ve displayed in filling out the "Why you would be a good host" field. Within just two weeks, the applications came rolling in from every single country in Europe. Apart from submissions from France, Germany and Italy, there were also lovely applications from countries like Malta or Latvia, from Finland and Romania, and even from outside the EU. We have received applications from individuals and enterprises of all kinds – from software developers, web enthusiasts, artists, organisations, makerspaces, digital hubs, and even from official representatives of the European Commission! The sensor sent to Belgium, for instance, will be hosted by Paul Nemitz, Director for Fundamental Rights and Union Citizenship in the Directorate-General for Justice of the European Commission. Dusan Chrenek, Head of the Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia, will also host a sensor.

Meanwhile, we are preparing to ship the sensor packages to their destinations:

Sensors, waiting to start their journey.

Once shipping has begun, around the third week of April, you can trace the sensors on their way through Europe on this map. And if you want to have some fun with the light installation in the days before the conference, you can click on one of the markers on the map, which will tell you the destination and also the RGB values the sensor is currently capturing. Bonus feature: the sensor parcels will have a little hole where the sensor is positioned, so that some light can be captured even while travelling. As soon as the host receives and unboxes the package, the light values will jump up on the map. To get updates on the project’s progress, please visit the Finding Europe With Lights Facebook page.

Last but not least, we would like to share some of the wonderful applications with you. Let’s hear what the different applicants have to say:

"These lamps are going to show the colours of Europe. Slovakia is proud of being part of European Union. Our European Information Centre (EIC) is open to all our citizens on a daily basis. We are listening to their ideas, opinions, issues. The Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia is building connections between Slovak and European citizens – in interpersonal, as well as digital ways. At the same time, we are following and presenting a Digital Agenda of actions towards innovation and economic growth thanks to adequate and responsible use of ICTs."
Dusan Chrenek, Head of the EC Representation, Slovakia

"I am a big believer of the European Union and being a host of it, and I would like to place Lakatamia, Nicosia on the map, so that people get to know more about us here in Cyprus for the right things."
Chris Kyprianou, Cyprus

"What a brilliant idea. I absolutely love the beauty and simplicity behind this installation. Let’s visualise Europe. I am a mom of two girls (7 and 9) and also a participant of #rp15. I would love to take this opportunity to take part in the installation, but also to show my girls Europe and what it feels like to be connected to the bigger picture."
Anja Windmueller, Germany

"I could provide a unique window into Europe’s southernmost country, sunny Malta."
Christian Sciberras, Malta

"Roscommon is a county in the west of Ireland with a long history steeped in Celtic mythology. It was the home of Queen Maeve, the Celtic warrior queen, and boasts historical sites and ruins amid beautiful green landscapes. The light in the west of Ireland is spectacular, with daylight in summer lasting at times until 10pm or later. This point, at the furthest point in Western Europe, is the perfect home for one of the Finding Europe With Lights sensors, and will be welcomed by us with open hearts."
Patrick Bruen, Ireland

"Impact Hub Athens is a social enterprise which belongs in a universal community and supports innovative ideas which aim to change the society and the world! It is located in the centre of Athens, the capital of Greece and the core of business life and action. Therefore it is the perfect host for interesting efforts like this."
Impact Hub Athens, Greece

"I have a great view."
Huko Aaspõllu, Estonia

"I would be a good host because I’m a digital editor for Swiss national radio & television – and I just like all internet-of-things-things… I also like to talk about it on our channels (web, radio, TV) – also my wife works as a scientist in chronobiology – and why should Switzerland not have a host? Alright, we are not in the EU, but we are in the middle of the EU… in the country field I chose Austria, because it’s also Alps :-)"

"I will place the sensor at a location inside King’s College, Cambridge, where I am living now as a PhD student. With its gardens and the world-famous chapel, the college does not only represent a cradle of European enlightenment, but the workplace of computer pioneer Alan Turing. Maybe we can even put it in his old office (for which I would have to get permission)."
Rafael Dernbach, United Kingdom