Copyright in Digital Europe


Credit: European Parliament

We need to unify copyright laws in Europe, says Julia Reda, MEP and member of the German Pirate Party. Together with journalist Hakan Tanriverdi, she will discuss some of the cross-border schemes for online access in the EU – presented by the European Parliament’s Information Office in Germany.

“The current EU copyright directive dates back from 2001, a time long before YouTube and Facebook”, says Julia Reda, a member of the European Parliament who recently published her own report evaluating the EU’s 2001 Copyright Directive. At the time, the directive was in fact intended as an update of copyright for the digital age, but in truth today it obstructs the exchange of knowledge and culture across national borders.

The transfer of knowledge across cultural boundaries is of great importance in the 21st century. Therefore we need copyright regulations to be as clear and consistent as possible, so that creators and authors, rights holders and users are better aware of their rights – and obligations. Julia Reda in in favour of a European copyright law that respects fundamental rights, and at the same time doesn’t inhibit innovative services in online culture. Technically outdated, regionalized copyright laws are disproportionately obstructive to everyday online activities.

With her report, the MEP also presented a reform agenda for EU copyright laws in general, which has not only been met with applause: Critics see the fundamental principles of copyright undermined, or even the cultural diversity in Europe endangered. In any case, the discussion about a unified European copyright law is in full swing – so be there and make a difference for the digital future of Europe!

“Digital Europe – Analog Copyright: How Do We Turn Things Around?”
Julia Reda and Hakan Tanriverdi
Tuesday, May 5 (12:15 to 13:15), on Stage 4