Call For Papers – Deadline: About time!


Alarm! Send us your ideas! Credit: floeschie (CC BY 2.0)

Maybe you have carried your idea around with you over the holidays and twisted and turned, but now it’s definitely time: This year’s Call For Papers for re:publica 2015 ends this week on January 31! And if you are still looking for a good idea, perhaps one of our specially highlighted Call For Papers topics is just right for you:

  • One of #rp15’s exciting sub-conferences is the Global Innovation Gathering (GIG). If you are a maker or have a hacker space or innovation hub, if you are all over the tech and start-up scene in Africa, Asia, the MENA region and Latin America, then the Call for Papers: GIG is just the thing for for you!
  • We are looking for your intriguing projects and concepts all around Wearables, fashion and technology. Surprise us with your ideas for smart portable gadgets that make our everyday lives easier. You are developing new materials for other dimensions, DIY innovations, wearable privacy hacks, or something else altogether? Show us.
  • One of the highlights of re:publica 2015 is the Music Day. It is intended as a meeting place for the industry, and as a place to discuss new concepts and network with the German and international music scene. Join us here with your project or idea if it’s all about music!
  • Another great sub-conference is the result of our partnership with the Science Year 2015. The Call For Papers: Future City highlights the meeting points of urban life, sustainability and innovation. The question is: How do we want to live? What do the neighbourhoods of the future look like? And how will new technologies be used to benefit coexistence and communication? Apply now as an exception until February 20, 2015!

And if you’re still unsure, then this year’s re:publica motto might inspire you: Finding Europe is both the motto and the mission of #rp15. One of the aspects: Since Edward Snowden’s revelations we have become aware of the widespread surveillance by US and international authorities. And since then, we have been discussing how we can secure personal data. So, here are some of the questions that arise: Do we need a European version of Google? Is our private data safer with European companies? We want to highlight the digital cultures in Europe from inside and out. Let us hear what you have to say, about what Europe is and how to describe it.

And please, we don’t expect page-long outbursts: In addition to the registration for the Call For Papers itself, we will only need your idea together with a brief explanation. And we are open to all kinds of creative formats, from a classic talk, a discussion or a workshop, to lightning talks or even unusual actions. 

Join our Call For Papers now! Registration ends on January 31, 2015. You want to participate? You will find all the help you need in the FAQs.