A barrierfree-re:publica

The term “barrier-free” is understood by most to mean wheelchair accessible - but that’s only a part of it! In order to make the sessions accessible to people with hearing impairments, we have partnered-up with VerbaVoice this year. With their help, all sessions on the main stage (Stage 1) will be subtitled by a simultaneous speech-to-text interpreter. The subtitles (in German or English – depending on the session) will be broadcast to the screen on stage and available in the live-stream.

Munich-based VerbaVoice is a social enterprise specialising in accessible technology for people with hearing impairments. VerbaVoice is particularly active in the areas of education and events.

The STATION-Berlin is largely wheelchair accessible, with ramps located at all main entrances. The stages located on the 1st floor are accessible via a wheelchair-suitable elevator. Our rp14 helpers will be available on location every day to help out in any way possible.    

Our event programme will also be looking at how digital technologies can help to make the Internet more accessible. Sessions on that topic will be held on the very first #rp14 day:

Barrierefreches Webdesign für Dummies and Sprachlich barrierefreie Events.


Foto: CC BY 2.0