Additional Sessions For Day 1!


Credit: re:publica/Gregor Fischer (CC BY-SA 2.0)

It just so happens that something is cancelled or postponed. Good news is, we have additional sessions for you today! Have a look at the list.

Additional Sessions

Christian Feld, “In der Machtmaschine – wie Europa Digitalpolitik macht”
2 pm on Stage 8

Pussy Riot, “Punk, Polit-Performance und Pressefreiheit”
At MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin: 5:15 pm on Stage 5
("What’s up TV? A Case Study“ is cancelled)

Sabria David & Joerg Blumtritt, “Die Slow Media Types”
5:15 pm on Stage 6
("Was eine moderne Bibliothek ausmacht“ is cancelled)


Ysamina Banaszuk & Yella Gregorczyk, “Der große Fanfiction Workshop”
5:15 pm on Stage T