Ele Jansen

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Ele Jansen

I’m an exploreress, younger sister, North European, ethnographer, sharer, climber, dancer, midnight doodler and sound addict. I’m lucky to be able to work with friends, who are hopeful and driven enough to try and improve the way we live and work on this planet. Some of our projects are well received. We made an open design game, which was run with Google Labs, the UN and UNICEF. I co-founded Learn Do Share, which is a co-design system that engages people in social innovation through storytelling and making. In 2014, New York City's Columbia University adopted the model as a  “Future of Education Lab”. All that makes me a process designer for collaboration and experiential education, combining my PhD in Media/Design Anthropology with R&D at Reboot Stories. My artistic research was funded by the Australian government and, until now, I taught Innovation and Entrepreneurship (cf. d.school) at the University of Technology Sydney and freelanced with PwC’s boutique consultancy The Difference. Back home in Berlin I’m looking for new projects. Looking forward to chats and planning.


re:publica 2015