Dmitry Paranyushkin

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Dmitry Paranyushkin
Special Agent

Dmitry Paranyushkin is a Special Agent with the Special Agency.

Using network polysingularity as a methodology he is exploring the Plans B and C in a variety of mediums and contexts: from internet entrepreneurship, life sciences and software development to music, performing and visual arts.

Dmitry is the founder at Nodus Labs and is currently working on InfraNodus open-source network thinking tool - - that helps visualize connections between disjointed pieces of textual and relational information. He's also an Agent with the Special Agency - - helping the agency bring out the special from within towards the outside. He also runs several information resources, such as Polysingularity and Way to Russia, as well as a metalworks workshop and plays in LEEDZ band.

Born in 1981 in Moscow, he currently lives between Russia, Berlin and Paris. He studied Economics in Moscow and Biology / Life Sciences in Paris.