The Fastest Book In the World: Our re:ader #rdr15 #rp15


We proudly present the three covers of the #rp15 re:ader; credit: epubli (CC BT-SA 2.0)

And already the first day of re:publica 2015 has past… oh no! But don’t worry, you can read up on all the highlights of the conference in peace in our #rp15 re:ader. As a live e-book, the re:ader not only offers edifying articles on lots of #rp15 sessions and topics – it also includes video clips and sound bites from interviews and reports from the site, and a best-of social media.

Guided by editors of the German daily newspaper Berliner Zeitung, students of the German Journalism School in Munich (DJS) are producing the reader, intended to showcase the colourful and eclectic mix of topics that is #rp15. Self-publishing platform epubli helps them publish the “fastest book in the world” literally over night, so that it is available for download right the next morning. Until 12 o’clock the next day, the reader can be accessed free of charge here. After 12 o'clock, you can purchase the re:ader in popular e-book stores for a price of 2.99 Euros. For updates about the re:ader and more details, see the hashtags #rdr15 and #rp15 on Twitter.

Download the #rp15 re:ader For Day 1:

The e-book from the first day of the conference mainly addresses European issues – migration, welcoming culture, net neutrality, or data security. One highlight is Markus Beckedahl's speech as a centerpiece of the re:ader. And the video team was able to track down Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix and main speaker at the MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin on Stage 1, for an interview (watch the video over here). The editorial team of Berliner Zeitung and the DJS students have collected some impressive reports and snapshots. More on Ferda Attaman, Friedemann Karig, James Pallett, James Bridle, and many more in our re:ader.

Until noon, the re:ader with a Best of Day 1 could be downloaded here as a free epub or mobi file. Now it’s being made available in all e-book stores for a price of 2.99 Euros:


Download the #rp15 re:ader For Day 2:

Again, the students of the German Journalism School in Munich (DJS) have given their best to produce an e-book with all the important sessions, and much much more, for Day 2 of the #rp15. Be sure to watch the video they shot for you while strolling through the STATION-Berlin (more here).

Big applause for the #rp15 #rdr15 re:ader for Day 2, including highlights from the program such as Gunter Dueck, Cory Doctorow and Alexander Gerst, and a lively mixture of everything that is important to the European net community today. 

Until noon it was free of charge, download the #rp15 re:ader now as mobi, epub and other formats in selected online shops:


Download the #rp15 re:ader For Day 3:

re:publica 2015 is over, too bad! But luckily you can recall the highlights and important sessions on Day 3 over here. Read more on all essential sessions and events, a best of tweets and the greatest photos of the conference. THe #rp15re:ader covers te sessions by Riem Spielhaus, Eric (NeinQuarterly) Jarosinski, Zygmunt Baumann, and many more.

Until noon we offered you the re:ader on Day 3 free of charge. Don't worry, you can still get the best of the final day of re:publica 2015 in selected shops:


// image credit: epubli (CC BY-SA 2.0)