#FASHIONTECH BERLIN at re:publica 2015!

#FASHIONTECH BERLIN is a day-long sub-conference of the re:publica 2015, all about fashion, technology and Wearables. The event unites gadgets, hacking and fashion, creating a (long overdue) bridge between technology and design. Wearables, and their potential for all-encompassing connectivity, have become particularly interesting in connection with the Internet of Things (IoT).

The follow-up at #rp15 was established from a collaboration partner, Projekt Zukunft, with funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The new Wearables conference format originated from the collaboration of the re:publica with two international fashion trade shows, PREMIUM and SEEK. The launch of #FASHIONTECH BERLIN was a one-day event, with talks, lectures, workshops and exhibits on all sorts of fashion topics, as part of the Berlin Fashion Week, on January 20, 2015. At #rp15, it will take place on the first day, May 5th, this time with a stronger focus on technology. Next to the talks, there will be a lab with additional sessions, workshops, meet-ups, and an exhibition space. On the second day of the #rp15, the lab will remain in place, and will focus on the Internet of Things in connection with design. On the third day of the conference, the lab will be dealing mainly with the issue of Wearables in fields like sports, healthcare or medicine.
More details on the sub-conference program at re:publica 2015 are published over here.

And until then, if you want to get a taste of these electrifying matters, read our report on the #FASHIONTECH BERLIN opening event in January. We also recommend the video recordings of the talks, available on our YouTube channel #FASHIONTECH BERLIN.
With more than 1,200 attendees who came to the Glashaus at the Arena Berlin, our first Wearables conference was a great success, presenting a colourful range of fashion design crossed with technology. It’s important to highlight the points of contact in these fields, exploring new collaborations and innovative projects, exciting trends and new ways of working. But most important is a community that carries on researching and working in this field. This might also be a great opportunity for Berlin as a creative hub – the young, experimental vein of the local tech scene could benefit the German capital in this new area of design. Stay tuned for the second part! 

Access to this sub-conference is certainly included in your #rp15 ticket. In addition, we’re offering day tickets for #FASHIONTECH BERLIN alone as well! Go to our ticket page and use the code "FASHIONTECH", and you will see a special #FASHIONTECH BERLIN ticket on the list. 

And after that, save the date for the third installment of this event. It will be held during Berlin fashion Week on July 8th, 2015.

Projekt Zukunft


Projekt Zukunft ("Project Future") is an initiative of the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research to support the growth areas of information and communication technology, media and creative economy. Projekt Zukunft develops strategies for Berlin as a location; it builds platforms, initiates networks for the digital and creative economy, organizes exchanges with businesses, develops new support instruments, compiles studies, and implements innovative projects in economy and society. 





The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is one of the main regional development funds of the European Union. The ERDF aims to reinforce competition and innovation, create maintainable jobs, and safeguard sustainable development.